Fall 2017/ Winter 2018 Classes

Classes will begin October 2, 2017. You may begin a class at any time and classes are ongoing. Classes are 3 hour sessions.

$20.00 per session. You can pay per session, per month, or for a group of sessions.

Payments can made by cash, personal check, or credit card.



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Drawing Supply List

You will be learning to draw from still various still lives constructed by the instructor (not from photos). You will learn to measure, construct a professional composition, and will use a method called the sight size method used originally by the French Academies. You will also learn linear and atmospheric perspective and how these two disciplines play in constructing a drawing. This course requires a certain discipline in that you will be expected to spend drawing every day when not in class.

Oil Painting Supply List
Colors: ( Brand: Golden for Acrylics and Lukas for Oil works best)

Please wear clothes that you use for painting!!

Note: Be prepared to use floor easels and a Taboret (table).